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Starting A Profitable Business With Electric Bike Dealership

AMO Electric Bikes The curiosity behind electric bikes nowadays is immense and it flows comfortably and intensely mostly among the young city dwellers as well as youths from rural areas. The idea of electric bikes at their disposal is itself a big relief when compared to sentiments against rising fuel prices of diesel and petrol in India. Given a country like India with over a billion people, the future of electric bikes seems exciting and experts believe it is steadily heading towards widespread acceptance in the country.

Can You Sustain Without Electric Bike Dealership In This Era?

With the pace at which electric bikes and electric scooters are getting promoted in India and the world, one might ask why the rush is sudden. Well, there are many reasons, which are naturally pushing the implementation of electric vehicles like bikes, scooty, and cars on the road at an industrial scale.
Many conventional thinkers would prefer to go with fossil fuel vehicles against electric bike dealerships; however, data shows that the rising threat from climate change will somehow force people and nations to reduce dependence on fossil fuel once and for all. Another improvement is the feature possessed by electric vehicles that completely crushes the fossil fuel vehicles plan. So, if you were thinking to go with a fossil fuel vehicle dealership, then you must avail the option of reconsideration now.

See 7 surprising facts of electric mobility in India below -

A. Electric vehicles are eco-friendly in nature while they are also embraced for low sound pollution and toxic emissions.

B. Although they are not meant for long-distance rides, electric bikes and electric scooters in India can enjoy extended or almost unlimited riding experience with the help of portable chargers and even charging stations, which will be built in large numbers on all national highways.

C. Electric bikes and scooters are lightweight and compact in nature with reduced vibrations and hence they are at a different level when it comes to comfort and ease of use.

D. E-scooty or electric bikes in India are built to have more portability, higher speeds, and better handling than conventional motorbikes running on fossil fuels.

E. Electric vehicles, or EVs, are easy to operate at negligible cost and they have practically no maintenance expenses either. Because a fossil-fuel-powered vehicle has over a thousand moving and rotating parts, consuming oil and grease but an electric scooty or bike has only a few moving parts.

F. Electric scooty and e-bikes provide cost saving efficiency, comfort, and accessibility that can go through further innovation with “artificial intelligence or AI” features for all-in-one connectivity with all smart gadgets that you possess.

G. Electric mobility with e-scooters and e-bikes is the trendiest form of mobility in the digitally connected world with 5G technology. Imagine, there may be a time in the future where you don’t even have to pay for electricity due to nationwide charging accessibility. A really smooth transition that you should observe.

Is it worthy to start a business with ELECTRIC BIKE DEALERSHIP?

Most people rely on time-tested solutions and products whereas the idea of electric bikes and electric scooters in the streets of India is something quite untried and unheard of, maybe. Hence, the real comprehension can be deduced from two core factors, i.e. cost-effectiveness of electric bikes and scooters and their nature-friendly states.
In general, the cost of electricity is falling as the cost of renewable and clean energy generation falls lower and lower due to breakthroughs in technology and global acceptance after the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015. So, operating an EV or e-scooter is going to be super economical in the near future. Moreover, battery configuration and charging techniques are also changing with the development of hi-tech innovation.
Secondly, if you consider an overall township or a city or suburban area then you find another interesting view. Most cities and townships in India are getting connected via fast and rapid metro trains (or monorails) with stations at frequent intervals. Such connectivity on rails would definitely require compatible connectivity on the roads for swift mobility from station to station and other crucial destinations.
Let’s come to the bottom line. The lingo surrounding the culture of electric bikes and scooters or EVs is quite refreshing for the majority of youths living in the urban clusters while it is equally fascinating for a large portion of women riders across the country as well. As per a report published by Auto News Outlet, RushLane, it was found that a rise from 8% to 11% growth may appear insignificant, but it will still be profitable for dealerships. Owners of electric bike dealership can also anticipate earning up to Rs 2,000 more on each transaction, compared to their present revenues. The best part, they say, is when you calculate the monthly figures or monthly sales volume, which looks pretty lucrative.
For a small electric bike dealership, earning Rs. 10-12 lakh every month looks quite worthy considering the initial phases of its implementation. The notion of smart cities and smart projects in India, as of now, is solely dependent on large-scale electric mobility and their consumption.

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