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India dreamt about 'Electric Mobility', and we set on a journey to make the dream into reality; AMO Mobility Solutions is one of leading electric mobility companies in India wholeheartedly dedicated to make India's "EV dream" come true with our efficient models that can be easily called the top 5 electric scooter.

AMO Mobility Solutions has been a part of this journey for a long time as we are among the first batch of corporations that dipped their hands in the electric vehicle industry in India. Electric Bikes in India started in 2004 however they did not pick up the desired pace and it was only in 2014 when they actually picked up the pace. AMO Electric Scooters started with the thought of finding the reason why new scooters were lagging in India? We identified the three main problems as the reason behind the state of EVs in India: reliability, sustainability, and affordability. After identifying the underlying issues, we made it a mission to bring a new new electric bikes with all these three features; and we have successfully realized the dream as we have the electric scooter cheapest in India.

The vision of AMO Electric Bikes is to convert E-mobility into Mass Mobility and to achieve this goal we're working relentlessly to be able to make at least one of the top 5 e bikes a part of every household, and we are heading towards that dream with all our might.

Electric Scooters are the new trend, join the revolution.

The vehicles that run on fuels like petrol and diesel are very harmful to the environment because of their emissions, moreover, the ever-rising prices of fuel in India have made them very cost-ineffective. But the good thing is that they are not the only options anymore; there are various electric mobility startups with numerous options in EV bikes in india that give good competition to traditional scooters in every aspect.

Battery scooters are a great solution to the environmental degradation that the world is facing; they are the answer. If you are thinking of buying a new e scooty in India, you should think about getting an electric scooter and join the revolution of saving Mother Earth.

4 Qualities that make AMO Electric Bikes the best

Our intent: We believe that the best thing about our electric two wheeler company is the intent that it was set up with and continues to uphold it. AMO electric bikes is dedicated to present Indian households with affordable and reliable e scooters.

Our products: The five products launched by our company can be counted as the top 5 electric scooter in India. All our products are very well-tested and give competition to all the best electric scooter.

Our innovation: We don't want to stop at anything is the reason why our team is always on their feet to bring the best models of electric Scooty for you.

Our service: We take pride in our after-sales Service; we provide complete support to our customers who face any kind of problem after the purchase.

Sushant Kumar the MD of AMO Mobility Solutions Pvt Ltd speaks on Electric Vehicles and it's future in India.

AMO EV Bikes is aggressively moving to achieve their vision of turning mass mobility into electric mobility.

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