In early 2010, oil imports and the use of conventional fuel vehicles were steadily gathering momentum. These very factors further led to the increase of environment pollution. Since then, they have been a national problem for a long time and thus, were addressed in NMEM 2015. After the GOI Policy for EVs was formulated, the visibility of E-mobility increased gradually. But the formulation of policy wasn't enough. It was up to entrepreneurs to come forward and make E-mobility a reality. Which is why AMO Mobility Solutions was established with a mission to provide electric vehicles and contribute to the E-mobility adaptation movement in India.

Today, the team of AMO relentlessly strives towards accomplishing one primary goal i.e. convert E-mobility into Mass Mobility. And in our endeavours to do so, we are constantly trying to create an ecosystem which is reliable, sustainable and affordable. Our efforts are also concentrated on increasing the awareness among people to adopt E-mobility.

Currently, AMO has four newly launched E-bikes - Jaunty, Inspire, Fiesty and Spin. While Jaunty and Inspire are high-speed products, Feisty and Spin are developed for convenient mobility. The products are designed to run for 70-100 km on a single charge basis, which will cost 30 paise per KM. All the products are developed using cutting-edge technologies from Europe with a focus on designed to meet the requirements of Indian customers. AMO is the only company in the e-bike category who have brought both styling and technology together in all of its products. As a brand, AMO is working on delivering aftersales support to provide a sustainable ecosystem for EVs. As a team, we always challenge ourselves every day to inch towards our goal. We believe in the electric revolution. So will you.

Sushant Kumar the CEO of AMO Mobility Solutions Private Limited speaks on Electric Vehicles and it's future in India.

AMO Electric Bikes is aggressively moving to achieve their vision of turning mass mobility into electric mobility.

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